Prior high and low & 50% of the previous candle as labels?


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Hi all,

I am Looking to see if someone can please write a code for the prior high and low and the 50% level of the previous candle to be put in a tab in the upper left corner of the chart that can be colored.

The first column should be the High of the previous candle, the middle column should be the 50% of the previous candle and the third column should be the previous candles low.

Here is a link to a picture of what I am looking for:


Thank you for any help on this..
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@Pensar A while back you helped me to create the 50% high and low label and thank you again for that as its been a huge help, and I was wondering if its possible to have that same label on a /ES chart but have the label show the prices levels of the /MES Previous candels High, Low & 50% levels? So pretty much I want to be able to watch the /ES chart but see the previous high low and 50% of the /MES prices... If you can help with what to add to the other code would be great... Thank you

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