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Predict option contract price based on stock price in ToS?


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Is there a TOS indicator out there (or anywhere else) that shows what an option should be worth intraday when the underlying hits a certain price. What I mean is prior to the start of a days trading, is there a place to find what a liquid actively traded option should be worth if the price hits a certain price during the day. i.e. a stock starts the day from the previous close price of 50 and I want to buy a specific strike and month option if during the day the price hits 49. Is there a way to know what that option price should equal if it hits 49 so that an order could be placed without having to watch the market all day? Thanks for any input in advance.

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@hockeycoachdoug I don't think a feature like that exists in ThinkorSwim. I could be wrong though. One thing that I would suggest is setting an alert in ThinkorSwim for when the stock price hit your limit target. Say the stock is at $49.5 and you're looking to buy it or short it at 50.5 then you can set an alert in ThinkorSwim for price at or above 50.5. You can download the ToS app and it will alert you via notification if you can't be glued to the chart all day long. Then look up the option price on your brokerage. I know it sounds long but it's quite simple.

To sum it all up:

  • 1. Set an alert in ThinkorSwim
  • 2. Wait for ToS to send you a notification
  • 3. Pull up the option chain
  • 4. Profit 😀

Hope that helps.

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