Plot MACD value on screen


I was wondering if there was already a pre-existing solution to plotting the MACD numerical value on the graph with the candles? I already did a search on this site with the search query "plot macd values", I scan through 3 pages of results and didn't seem to see what I was looking for. I also did a search on google with the same query and didn't see what I was looking for in the results. When I say MACD numerical value, I'm talking about the "12" from the default "12,26,9".

This question/request is just a "nice to have". It isn't that hard for me to spend a bit of time to look at each chart and manually write down the value I'm interested in.


plot MACD = reference MACD();
     MACD.SetPaintingStrategy(paintingStrategy = PaintingStrategy.VALUES_BELOW);

AddLabel(yes, reference MACD(), Color.CYAN);

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