Painting a time frame / adding high low and average lines



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How could I have the 6:00am - 9:55 time frame pained with a box with the top of the box as the high in that range and the bottom the low of the time range. With that how can you add a dashed line to the right at the high, low and average of the 2? I will be using a 5 day 5 min chart with AH turned on. It would be great to have it plot on every day with high, low and averages of the 4 days back extending to the current trading day. I manually do this each day (Picture below) but it would be great to have it plot automatically. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I use the lines a support/ Resistance and profit targets. As you can see today 2 average lines and the high from the 6:00- 9:55 range converged and once price broke through we were off. Its very similar to the Opening Range Breakout Indicator from this website.


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I’m looking for this same thing. Does anyone have something that can plot the high and low of a specific time range each day? Thank you.

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