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Is there a way to plot OPEX Dates on Charts sim to Earnings for both Future & Historical expiration cycles?

Looking to use this to define further studies form this would need both Weekly & Monthly option expiry

Additionally is there any way to Highlight within the Option Chain a rate of Change in the Option Volume or OI? This would be an intraday Option Swing / Scalp Strategy

This Parameter would be determined Intraday from the days open (OI) & days open (Volume) and an accelerated Rate of Change
as compared by other Strikes. If the Rate of Change could be weighted average, giving more weight towards most recent change (time) of Volume or OI Change, it would help. The Strikes that would be looked at would be determined by a (1) Stand Dev +/- in the Chain - Calculated by Current IV of the ATM Strike.

and.... if this information could be plotted & displayed on a chart in some manner, maybe as a volume profile on a 1 min chart?

Thank you!
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@1_trade Unless you're willing to roll up your sleeves and attempt to code that concept into Thinkorswim I doubt anyone is going to code it for you... It pretty much sounds to be at or beyond the limits of the Thinkorswim platform... I wouldn't even entertain the idea myself... I'm relatively sure there are probably external sites or services that are better suited for such option related research...

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Rad- Thanks for the feedback. I thought it may have been beyond think script, I’ll delve deeper into this. Before entering the rabbit hole I wanted to see if anyone has attempted an endeavor similar to this or if there are some ideas on how to achieve. Not necessarily for someone to outright code it, I’d be willing to put in the leg as well.
@1_trade I am not aware of any similar scripts here in these forums... I do recall a script that supposedly displayed Call and Put information on an underlying's chart, however, but you are describing something altogether different... Good luck...

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