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Not sure if you can help me to create a column that is missing on the TOS Desktop but is available on TOS Web version.

It's the Cost Column.

The Web version will calculate the actual premium you paid or received when buying and selling calls and puts. It's similar to Net Liq, but it shows the debit or credit you received when the trade was placed.

When placed next to Net Liq, then you can easily subtract the difference in your head to see how the trade is preforming.

However, on the Desktop version it just shows the strike price bought or sold and doesn't multiply it out by the number of shares.

With Stocks being 100 shares per contract that is easy, but with futures being different contract sizes it becomes a challenge. Soybeans are 50, gold is 100, Oil is 1000,

I've tried to find this on think scripts but can't figure it out.

I've even spoken to TOS, and they are going to try and let the developers know about it.
Note they have one called " total cost " but that just multiples the price you paid times the number of contracts, not the number of shares.

So I sell 3 soybean contracts at $4.10.
The Web version shows the cost correctly as $615.
But the desk top just shows $4.10 and total cost shows 4.10 * 3 = 12.30.
But it should be 4.10*3 * 50 shares = 615….

Hope you don't mind taking a look at this as a possible Custom Column?
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dictionary definition of costs: an amount that has to be paid (non returnable) to buy or obtain something.

(to keep things simple we will assume the future's product price stays the same). so assuming you have no losses or gains, the only actual "COSTS" are the fees, however it does effect buying power due to the difference in margin requirements. i dont think you're explaining something correctly. FULL screenshots would help (hide sensitive information).

i have a feeling you may possibly be confusing costs with something else but i cant tell, instead of having us attempting to guess, screenshots would help.

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Being paid a "Premium" is not an expense, or cost, it is unrealized income and not "Costs" - at least that is my understanding... Any transaction "Fees" would in fact be "Costs"... If you Buy contracts rather than Sell/Write then your "Costs" would be the contract price paid, multiplied by the number of contracts, plus brokerage "Fees"...

The ToS Web Version gets its information from the back-office calculations from your activity statement on the Schwab website.
That data is not available in the ThinkOrSwim desktop app.

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