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Only Allow Sell Arrows After a Buy Arrow


New member
Working with two different indicators to create signals, one is Mobius SuperTrend and one is the True Depth indicator both found on this site.

The idea is that when the price breaks the resistance line, you buy and then it follows SuperTrend to sell. The issue is- I get 4 or 5 sell signals before a buy signal, which bothers my OCD lol.

I tried to make it so that it will only plot a sell above the resistance, but then it kind of ruins the stop loss aspect of it, because it wont plot a sell under the resistance, for example if it tanks. Also I've noticed it creates a host of other issues in terms of getting out of positions of missed signals because of the TrueDepth being a dynamic resistance.

I like the current sell strategy, allowing it to just sell on SuperTrend.. but is there a protocol to only allow a sell if there has been a buy before? (or arrow up-since this is a study and not a strategy)

I was thinking about possibly making it so that if there was not a buy within the last 15 bars then it wont plot a down-arrow, but then you could miss signals, figured there is probably a better way to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, I have seen many posts on this site referring to a True Depth study but I am unable to find one. Can someone please point me to the post or share the True Depth study with some explanation of how it works - That would be a great help!


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