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Need help with Shooting Star in condition wizard


New member
Hi, just started with ToS, need newbie help.

I know there’s a shooting star study available in the wizard, but I need one that will alert me based on one candle only, without considering the previous candle like the standard shooting star study does.

I’m able to hit some of the shooting stars, but it’s bugging me why this one is not firing. See screenshot, white arrow pointing to problematic candle. This one is just before a selloff, one which should be firing and alerting me!

Please advise!




New member
I would think you might need to setup the search or condition to just look for longer wicks that close lower (I’m researching a better filter myself)... by definition and a picture of a shooting star, the bar before Is green, usually larger, and not higher than the bar your pointing too... basically it’s not the bar itself that is the problem but likely by definition the bar before and after it that are also part of why it might not show up in the study.

I am working into creating a study / strategy and was noticing this during scans... what I thought would appear as a shooting star wasn’t, I think I need to just create a scan that focuses on long wicks, specifically for me I’m looking for extremely long wicks regardless of bar before or after.


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