Need help building a candlestick scanner



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Hello everyone,

Thanks in advance for your help, and forgive my ignorance in advance.

My goal is to use thinkscript to code a scan that scans for securities that meet these criteria:

1. The candle currently forming has taken out the low of the previous candle's range, but the close of the candle currently forming is greater than the low of the candle currently forming. So essentially the current candle is a "hammer"
2. The candle prior to the current "hammer" candle is inside the candle previous to it.

I am essentially using the last 3 candles (any timeframe) to screen for a setup I like. Can anyone help me out? I have attempted to code this myself, but I am not doing something right as I am getting 3 different candle results than I am expecting.

If it needs to be adjusted to where the "hammer" candle has already closed before I scan, that's okay with me, I can live with that, that will allow me to scan at the open of whatever timeframe I am looking at.
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