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Hi everyone. I can see on some chart posts that people have little colored boxes in their watchlists. I tried it a long time ago with the TTMSqueeze but I see some cool ones that I haven't seen before. I don't remember how to do that. I know I've asked before but I also know the mods are very busy.
Also, How do you get your watchlist to have scan updates?
I am working on looking into the scan thing because I do have a hard time with it in general.
Maybe someone can just point and grunt at me in the proper direction. there is a s$%t ton of info on this site and everywhere else and I am getting a tad overwhelmed.
Please, SOS!
You need to be more specific about your watchlist question. There are tons of scripts out there that color the column of your watchlist. So it's nearly impossible to figure out which one you're looking for.

Regarding the ToS scanner, maybe this post can help

You can also be more specific about your scanner question and we'll be able to help.

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@BenTen Hi there. Okay I will try. There was a recent posting of one of your charts with color columns. I can't find it but it had time plot color columns. What was that? That looked really cool for intraday, just wasn't sure it was linked to or how to input watchlist color columns.
@markos. I can get the scans to work but I don't know how to link it to a working watchlist where the watchlist updates or dings when whatever the scan changes. Say, when an MAs cross or when an RSI hits above 60 on an hourly or 40 on a daily (I'm working on my Swing trading).
@MBF We posted a couple of watchlist columns on here. Find the one you're looking for

You can save your scanner as a watchlist and they change automatically.



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@markos I found the multiple time frame labels. I guess that's what I saw. I also found the TTMsqueeze Color columns, so that was neat!
Figured out scanner and bookmarked it. I'm glad to find out that it automatically refreshes the scan so nothing to do there. Its a bit bothersome because as you know TOS OnDemand and TOS paper doesn't allow you to scan Studies. It'll defo come in handy on the cash account. Thank you both as usual!😎

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