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Moving Average Labels


I'm trying to find a way to make labels or bubbles appear over the MA lines. Color-coding the lines just isn't enough for me. The best I've been able to figure out so far is to right click the line and it will hint to me there which MA it is.

Any known scripts that will provide a label/bubble over the MA?

The problem is, my MA line colors are not 100% consistent across my different Study Sets. So as I'm switching back and forth between study sets throughout the day, I lose track of what color is what.


New member
I would def try to keep you MA color's the same with each chart for consistency sake

will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

i havent seen anything that will plot a bubble or label above the MA line.

There are these labels


and my personal script


hope one of these helps


Would you happen to know how to cut the labels down to 2 decimal place? I added the above labels and they are displaying 3-4 decimal places.
Thanks in advance


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I use Round(price, 2) all the time in strategies because in TOS we can't place orders with prices beyond two decimal places for Stocks or Options... 💡


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Where do you insert that? I am pretty new to scripting and where ever I enter that, it seems to makes the code invalid.
You would use it anywhere you are trying to display or use whatever price you are working with... It could be a Plot, a, Alert, a Chart Bubble, or within the script code... Remember, price is whichever price you are using, whether Open, High, Low, Close, mvgAvg, or whatever... Did you review the Round(), RoundDown(), and RoundUp() functions...??? Remember, the Thinkscript Learning Center is your friend...

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