Move thinkscript label from left to right?

Rojo Grande

Can the label be placed in the upper right corner vs the upper left?

Edit: problem solved.

I cheated. Because I am a noob to writing code, I edited the study "simple_price", by adding a black label. Then I added it to my chart until I had the other label in the correct position I wanted. I then went and unchecked the show study boxes. I gave it a title of Label_spacer. The reason I used the simple_price study was it was small, and wouldn't slow my computer down noticeably. I'm sure someone could write a code to just add a blank label as a filler.


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Just an idea - I've only plotted labels in the top left corner, BUT to preserve chart screen real estate I sometimes plot labels in the top left corner of the volume or lower subgraphs. Just make sure that the initial declaration (usually first line of the study) allows for the correct subgraph placement location.

declare upper;
declare on_volume;
declare lower;



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@marketstreet very cool of using ASCII and extended UNICODE characters in the labels. very creative!
Thank you. I use ToS on Mac OS and could simply copy-and-paste the subscript/superscript numbers & arrows into the AddLabel() text strings in my script, but unfortunately they do not render on Windows or if I unselect ToS' system font.

If anyone reading this has come across this issue and found a solution, I previously posed this question in the forum:

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