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Math operation with close function


New member
Hi everyone, sorry if this question is too basic. I am totally new to thinkscript. I have searched online for an answer to my question and have also analyzed many studies inside TOS, but could not find a solution to my problem. I am just writing some nonsensical code to practice, but found that when I add a value to the close price, the script fails. thinkscript editor doesn't throw an error, it doesn't highlight the code in red, but the script doesn't behave like it should. I have attached a screenshot of my script, and two output screenshots, one with a blue line that goes up for 1 and then down for 0. And one screenshot where the blue line is constantly at 0. The screenshot with the constant 0 is what happens when I add a 1 to close function. My question is, how can I perform math operations on the close price?




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Thanks inthefutures. I looked at the manual pages for ticks and ticksize, it's way over my head. IMHO they are not written for noobs like me. What I am really trying to do, and didn't mention before because I was embarrassed to, is to set a flag when the current price is higher than ANY 40 previous bars by $10. I wrote a script and it's too simple, and I was embarrassed to post it. But here goes...how can I get this accomplished? Please help. Thank you in advance.

input price = close;

plot Flag = if price < price[1] +  10
     or price < price[2] +  10
     or price < price[3] +  10
     or price < price[4] +  10
     or price < price[5] +  10
     or price < price[6] +  10
     or price < price[7] +  10
     or price < price[8] +  10
     or price < price[9] +  10
     or price < price[10] +  10
     or price < price[11] +  10
     or price < price[12] +  10
     or price < price[13] +  10
     or price < price[14] +  10
     or price < price[15] +  10
     or price < price[16] +  10
     or price < price[17] +  10
     or price < price[18] +  10
     or price < price[19] +  10
     or price < price[20] +  10
     or price < price[21] +  10
     or price < price[22] +  10
     or price < price[23] +  10
     or price < price[24] +  10
     or price < price[25] +  10
     or price < price[26] +  10
     or price < price[27] +  10
     or price < price[28] +  10
     or price < price[29] +  10
     or price < price[30] +  10
     or price < price[31] +  10
     or price < price[32] +  10
     or price < price[33] +  10
     or price < price[34] +  10
     or price < price[35] +  10
     or price < price[36] +  10
     or price < price[37] +  10
     or price < price[38] +  10
     or price < price[39] +  10
     or price < price[40] +  10
     then 0 else 1;
see if this does what you want

declare lower;

def price = close;
input offset = 10;

def top = highest(high,40);
plot trigger = price > top[1] +(offset * ticksize());
Hi again. Just a bit of bad news, the script is throwing a lot of false positives, so I am not sure if it's working correctly. For example, in the image below, the price never goes below 150, but it throws a false positive. Any thoughts? What I need is to get a flag when the price has gone up $10 in the past 40 bars. Thanks again!

if you added
input lookback = 40;
and then change
def top = highest(high,40);
to def top = highest(high,lookback);

then you can easily adjust how far yo look back

and your welcome

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