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Hello Friends,

I am trying to create a study that meets two conditions:
1) the 9ema, 20ema and 50SMA are all within 10 cents of each other
2) the current close is 0-10 cents above or below the lowest of these three moving averages

I'm a novice at ToS and have the following done so far....any help you guys can provide to meet these last two conditions would be much appreciated.

Tagging some folks I've seen post suggestions from other threads.
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Thanks in advance!!

input price = close;
input fastLength = 9;
input mediumLength = 20;
input slowLength = 50;
input averageType = AverageType.EXPONENTIAL;
input averageType2 = AverageType.SIMPLE;

plot fastMA = MovingAverage(averageType, price, fastLength);
plot mediumMA = MovingAverage(averageType, price, mediumLength);
plot slowMA = MovingAverage(averageType2, price, slowLength);

def difference1 = fastMA - mediumMA;
def difference2 = mediumMA - slowMA;

plot con1 = difference1<=.10 and difference2<=.10  and slowMA <= mediumMA - 0.01 and mediumMA <= fastMA - 0.01;
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your #2 criteria "the current close is 0-10 cents above or below the lowest of these three moving averages" criteria is "not practical". You can simply express it at that point by saying the CLOSE is above or below XYZ moving average and if you think about it that would result in all prices that are not equal to the moving average.
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