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Hi there

Im new here, Ive read rules but it seems there is not specific rule to ask what Im doing to ask.

If there any available to write some scripts codes for me? It could be something similar to scripts already posted, but thats something I dont know, Ive been searching around and I cant find something 100% as I want.

So, if somebody has the time, the skill and the patiente, please contact me, and we will talk how to estimate the right price for develop my idea
@CharlieCOL What is it that you think you need that you can't seem to find here...??? Perhaps someone knows where it is and is better at locating it than you... Or there may be something close that could easily be tweaked to your needs... You won't get much response when all you leave is mystery... There is no Private Messaging so all communications will at least start here in public view anyway... It's not a wise idea to post email addresses in publicly viewable forums due to screen scraper bots that hunt for them constantly... You might get help for free, or you might need to negotiate via Discord or another means... Without knowing what you want it'll be hard for anyone to know if they are interested or can help locate it...
thanks for thr comment @rad14733, no mistery, Im just new here and I didnt know there is not PM, my bad....anyway

this is my idea:

1. identify if average price of day is less 5% (in terms of stock price) near to the moving average 100 days
2. identify if last 5 candles are trending down in hourly.
3. then identify if first candle of day is opening higher than last candle of dat before
4. mark this first candle with up arrow white, if it comply 1, 2 and 3
5. then identifiy second candle of day, this second candle must be at least opening at same close price of candle 1
6. mark this second candle with up arrow yellos if it comply 1, 2, 3 and 5
7. identify for volumen. Volumen should be an entrance depending of the desired stock to be analyzed
8. if it comply all the conditions, send me a text. I will take the final desition if I go in or if I dont.

looks similar to something already developed?
@CharlieCOL Would this be for a Chart Study or for a Scan...??? Problem being, we can't send text messages from Studies or Chart Alerts (chart alerts can but are for price thresholds only), which narrows the capability to Scans... Does that help in your decision as to whether you'd still want to pursue such a venture now that you are aware of the limitations of the Thinkorswim platform...???

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