Linking Stock Hacker (Scan) to TOS Charts


New member
Hello All,

Does anyone know how to link Stock hacker ( TOS Scan) to charts?

appreciate any help - sorry if it was already asked before. I tried to search couldn't find it.
What do mean by that?
Hi BenTen,

I have the same question. Hopefully this helps to clarify -

After running the Stock Hacker scan there isn't an option to simply link the search results to a chart, news, L2, ...etc... as normally done by selecting a (1) Red, (2) Yellow, (3) Blue, (4) Green ... link and setting the same # Color for the desired destination.

The only work around I found was to send the hacker scan results to a watchlist then link the watchlist but doing so would omit any future results.

I have a followup question - Is there a way to have the scan results auto refresh every X second(s) or minute(s)?

Thanks for taking the time to reply
@SCALPER While it isn't automatic, and it can't be in TOS, you can Right-Click on a scan result and select Send To from the Menu... In doing so you can send that symbol to the Chart linked to that color... That's as good as it gets from what we have to work with in my book...
@rad14733 Thanks for the tip. You'd think with all the customization and backend features TOS would simply have the scanner linked.

I submitted a feedback request to TOS in hopes that they will link it along with a refresh feature for real-time tracking.
@generic Thanks, that definitely helps. If it does automatically update, ideally results that no longer meet the search criteria would delete from the watchlist. Test run tomorrow.

@CFA312 I found one possible solution...
Right click GEAR icon below the scan button : CUSTOMIZE
AVAILABLE ITEMS dropdown menu : ACTION COLUMNS -- Select [#] Color -- OK
Click [#] Color Link in Column

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