linear regression plot dependent on condition


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If functions (such as "movingaverage" or "stdev") expect a constant as the length parameter, an error is returned when attempting to instead get the length parameter from a variable.

So if we want to calculate a moving average or standard deviation with a length that varies based on market conditions, it will be necessary to manually write code for movingaverage and stdev instead of using the built-in functions.
EDIT, wanted to share here that Mobius provided code in the TS Lounge that allows for variable length regression line and variable length standard deviation calculations:

# Linear Regression Channel anchored to Highest / Lowest Pivot
# Allows a floating point anchor
# Mobius
# V01.2015

def hh = highestAll(high);
def ll = lowestAll(low);
script S
     input d = close;
     input n = 50;
     plot e = fold i = 0 to n
              with f
              do f + getValue(d, i);
def y = close;
def x  = BarNumber();
def nan = double.nan;
def xx = if(isNaN(y[-1]) and !isNaN(y), x, xx[1]);
def hx = if(high == hh, x, hx[1]);
def lx = if(low == ll, x, lx[1]);
def MinX = Max(hx, lx);
def n = highestAll(xx - MinX);
def x1 = HighestAll(if !IsNaN(y) and IsNaN(y[-1])
                    then x
                    else nan);
def x0 = HighestAll(if GetValue(x, -n) == x1
                    then x
                    else nan);
def x_ = if GetValue(x, -n) >= x1
         then x - x0
         else x_[1];
def Ex  = S(x_, n);
def Ey  = S(y, n);
def Exy = S(x_ * y, n);
def Exsq = S(sqr(x_), n);
def b = (n * Exy - (Ex * Ey)) / (n * Exsq - (Ex * Ex));
def a = (GetValue(Ey, x - x1) - GetValue(b, x - x1) * GetValue(Ex, x - x1)) / n;
def avg = (fold i = 0 to n
           with s
           do s + getValue(y, i)) / n;
def SD = Sqrt((fold i2 = 0 to n
               with s2 = 0
               do s2 + Sqr(avg - GetValue(y, i2))) / n);
plot LRL = if x >= x0
           then a + (GetValue(b, x - x1) * x_)
           else nan;
plot upper = LRL + (highestAll(SD) * .7);
plot lower = LRL - (highestAll(SD) * .7);
# End Code Linear Regression Line

This provided me with the template I needed. The only thing that was also important to know was that the fold function can break scripts if your chart is displaying an expansion area, and this has to be prevented by instructing the code with fold (or code accessing the fold output value) with a preliminary condition such as “def {variable} = if isNan(close) then {variable}[1} else ….” or “then double.nan else…” depending on what is needed.
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Thanks so much for your reply. I am a little confused about how this would be used for a condition trigger based on a signal that isn't directly related to highs, lows, or moving averages across the whole chart.

For example, suppose we want to anchor the linear regression channel to the last occurrence of a long signal (painted as an up arrow) from the triple exhaustion indicator (i.e. maybe that last occurrence was one bar ago, or maybe it was 500 bars ago). And suppose we just want the linear regression channel to use the high and low from within the last 10 bars of that anchor point.

If the condition variable for that up arrow was named "triple_exhaustion_long_arrow" then would you mind giving an example of how you would...
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