Last close price higher than day open price


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Hey guys this should be straight forward

I’m basically trying to find a script that will identity stocks that have gone up during the day. Basically I should be able to scan stocks at any time or the day and see which ones have been trending higher . Unless there’s an indicator that already exists in TOS that I don’t know of lol. Tia


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Hi Traders

Can somebody help to write a simple script for me?

Hope to build a scan on the following criteria:

1. Yesterday candle close above 20 days simple moving average
2. Today candle open within yesterday candle body or higher to trigger buy
3. Allow next 5 days period if step 2 was not trigger
4. Scan will allow Sell signal which is opposite of buy criteria as shared above

Any kind soul can help?

Have no programming knowledge and If i need to pay, will pay.


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