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Labels positioning - add line break


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# spacer
input Spacer = yes;

addlabel(Spacer, "          ", color.BLACK);

# end spacer code

"color" code needs to be same as chart background....play around with it. I use it on all of my charts to control label positioning.


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Is it possible to have a set of labels placed horizontally, and another set under it (new line)?

Thank you
One workaround you might consider is to 'stack' the labels in a separate chart by hiding the price graph, loading the labels in the lower panel, and compressing the chart. Here is an example using 3 of Mobius' Dashboard scripts, with added Header Label scripts for each dashboard.

This approach would be best with many relatively same-sized or smaller labels using on either a flexible or chart grid setup. For smaller label sets, the flexible grid setup would seem to be a better choice.

Here is also the share link so you can see how it was done. http://tos.mx/Z66bXLf When you open the 'charts grids' in the shared link, resize the 'label chart' to your liking.

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Yes, I do the same thing with a small chart. I keep all the labels in the upper window. Mine is similar to the above, but the labels span the entire window (perhaps 2" wide X 4" high on a 50" monitor)for a cleaner look. I adjusted both the chart window and the labels to get it to all line up and be centered. It took a little effort, but got good results. I use it as a "dashboard" also.

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