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I was wondering what types of Journals the group uses. Electronic, Webb, Excel, Google Sheets, Hand written. Would anyone care to share a sample? I know that is one of the areas that I should have started a long time ago and probably contributes to my not improving on my trades. Thanks in advance

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@kbtarl Glad you're looking into documenting your trades. You're definitely on the right path. Here is my old spreadsheet that I stopped using as of last week. Nothing wrong with it. There were just too many entries on there already. I made a new one here. Feel free to make a copy of it.

All you have to do is input your ticker, entry price, exit price, and how many contract. The rest will be automated.
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Hi Ben,

Is it possible to create script to identify the Candle stick pattern like Hammer/Inverted Hammer/Hanging man/Spinning candle/Doji/shooting star. Thanks in advance..

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