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Is there a scanner for the Red Dog Reversal strategy?


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So I have been on the search for a scanner for the Scott Redler 'Red Dog Reversal' strategy that he uses. He shares the setup on Twitter quite frequently and as far as I can tell it's very powerful when a stock alerts. I will post links but the gist is this..Stock XYZ has been beaten up and down 2-3 bars consecutively. The following day the price trades below previous day low and then back through. The result can be a powerful reversal move from red to green. Vice versa for stocks trending up 2-3bars. The problem I'm having is setting up the scanner to grab price as it crosses back through previous day high or low. Hopefully I have provided enough information. Any advice on the scanner setup would be super helpful. (Also when I asked him on Twitter about a scanner he said that he just eyeballs them on certain stocks.)

Here is a link he provides for the strategy. https://www.t3live.com/blog/scott-redler-rdr-fast-cash-lesson-one/
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Rob S

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You can create your own in TOS using the candlestick pattern tool scanner then put this in a scan and have stocks pop up in a watchlist that meet the RDR criteria. This one i did may get you started for RDR buys. Do the opposite for sells- been playing around so not sure if this one is the final but youll get the idea to create your own. https://tos.mx/baWGqwB

Ameritrade article on pattern tool. https://tickertape.tdameritrade.com/tools/candlestick-pattern-tool-15767

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