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Is there a CAM indicator for ThinkorSwim?


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Can anyone convert the language in the box to TOS language? Barbara Star came up with this trading strategy to identify trends and countertrends. Thank you in advance.
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It so happens that I have a copy of the TOS version of Barbara's Star CAM Indicator in my files. Here it is ... have fun!

# The CAM Indicator
# TASC JAN 2018
# Barbara Star, PhD.
# Translated by HUB v1.4.2018
# Posted by: thuber
# 1.4.2018

input    ADXLength = 10;
input    MACDFastLength = 12;
input    MACDSlowLength = 26;
input    MACDaveragetype = AverageType.WILDERS;
input    ADXaveragetype = AverageType.WILDERS;

def MACDValue = reference MACD( fastLength = MACDFastLength, slowLength = MACDSlowLength, averageType = MACDaveragetype);
def ADXValue = reference ADX(length = ADXLength, averageType = ADXaveragetype);
def MACDRising = MACDValue > MACDValue[1];
def ADXRising = ADXValue > ADXValue[1];

DefineGlobalColor("CAMUPColor", Color.GREEN);
DefineGlobalColor("CAMPBColor", Color.YELLOW);
DefineGlobalColor("CAMDNColor",  Color.RED);
DefineGlobalColor("CAMCTColor",  Color.BLUE);

assignpricecolor(if ADXRising and MACDRising then globalColor("CAMUPColor")
                 else if !ADXRising and !MACDRising then globalColor("CAMPBColor")
                 else if ADXRising and !MACDRising then globalcolor("CAMDNColor")
                 else if !ADXRising and MACDRising then globalcolor("CAMCTColor") else color.white);

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