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Hey everyone,

I have a question, maybe someone can assist, or give any idea.

In this image I uploaded you can see what I did, and what I wish it could be:


In short, I would like to fully convert the Fibonacci Retracement tool to a Risk/Reward tool. I did some of it by a simple study edit of that tool, but I wish also to add automatic indications for the "price difference" between the entry and the stop loss with an automatic calculation of the amount of shares you need to buy (based on your risk)

Somebody maybe know some ThinkScript? Or have any Idea where can I find assistance on that?

Many Thanks!!


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Thank You ... Really the most important feature would be if it can calculate the previous candle Risk calculator instead of the current one. The script I would love to have is to calculate the previous candle. Thank you
Also is their a way to position the Trg bracket in descending order. Everytime I use one of the drop down box it keep the most current one a the top which is out of order.

The code in this this post above will calculate based on the previous candle if you set the candleIndex input to 1.

We have no way to control the Active Trader templates.

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As Merry indicated, we can't do anything on hover. However, TOS already gives you what you're asking for. If you look at the top of the chart, below the symbol entry field, it shows Symbol, Timeframe, Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Range. Range is what you care about. Just add .02 to it if you're keeping that extra two cents.

Alternatively, you could have a lower study that shows you the calculated range as a plot. To see what that would look like, try adding the ATR study to your chart. The numbers won't be what you're looking for. This is just to demonstrate what it would look like and how you can hover over past candles to see the values for those periods in the lower indicator's title bar.

With this range plus a couple cents calculation being simple mental math I just do as I described in the first paragraph.
The only problem with the script above for me is that Its not calculating based on dollar amount its set to % how do we change that???


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Just joined.

I am looking for an indicator that calculates the candle stick bar. For example if the bar opens up at 250.01 and closes at 251.10. I want an indicator that quickly tells me the difference which in this example for be 1.09. Is there such an indicator ? this would help me greatly with calculating risk entry size. An indicator that enables me to hover over a candle bar and quickly know the difference. The difference should be posted at the top left of the chart.


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Yeah, it looks kind of complicated... I too have recently started. And some of the answers here are helpful to me as well. At first, I didn't quite understand what`s this and why so, and was often confused about the values, especially with calculating the number of shares, but then I found an easy way out for myself. I use this calculator and so far it`s the most convenient for me. You can try it here, the values and numbers might be different but it`s better than using only a chart and following it. Anyway it's all relative.
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I modified something I used to use to put something together for you. Give this a try.

input stop = 0.00;
input riskOverride = 0; # use this to force a fixed dollar amount
input riskPercent = 1;

input accountBalanceFallback = 25000; # this is used automatically if GetTotalCash() fails
input accountBalanceOverride = 0;

# reminder = GetTotalCash only works with premarket data on
def bal = GetTotalCash();
# reminder = GetTotalCash only works with premarket data on

def accountBalance =
  if accountBalanceOverride > 0 then accountBalanceOverride
  else if !IsNaN(bal) then bal
  else accountBalanceFallback

def buyingPower = accountBalance * 4;
def risk = RoundDown(if riskOverride == 0 then accountBalance * riskPercent / 100 else riskOverride, 2);

def stopRange = Max(close, stop) - Min(close, stop);
def riskMaxShares = RoundDown(risk / stopRange, 0);
def buyPowerMaxShares = RoundDown(buyingPower / close, 0);
def shares = Min(riskMaxShares, buyPowerMaxShares);

AddLabel(stop > 0, "Shares: " + shares, Color.LIGHT_GRAY);

Is this suppose to be used with fibonacci retracement? If so, it wont work for me. Can you tell me why that might be?
Can you tell me how that study works then?
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Well can you tell me how that study works then?
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No, there are no Fibonacci calculations involved.
To determine if a script is utilizing Fibonacci calculations, you can look for references to Fibonacci numbers.
.236; .382; .618; .786;

The study does this:

You are asking "how" it does this?
You provide all the inputs:
input stop = 0.00;
input riskOverride = 0; # use this to force a fixed dollar amount
input riskPercent = 1;
input accountBalanceFallback = 25000; # this is used automatically if GetTotalCash() fails
input accountBalanceOverride = 0;
The script then does the math to calculate for position size.
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