Intraday Column Color - For Trend momo to use in a watchlist ?


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Hi. I recently got my hands on an amazing mobius study for intraday trading only. The study uses Consolidated TICK, Advance Decline, Volume Breadth and Price for Trend Momentum. When all 4 agree the study plots a directional marker and colors the candles blue for ascending or yellow for descending price.

I want to apply the logic in this study and have a column in my watchlist - with pre-determined tickers - so at a glance I can see what of the 4 colors the bar is for each ticker at that time.

The link is here:
Anyone know how to do this ?


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I was able to get this setup as a watchlist indicator (just need to only plot one item). Is this something you are still needing? This is actually a full chart / study set with three different studies so which one were you wanting to be part of the watchlist?


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