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Hello new here and a beginner just starting too learn scripts. My first question is is it possible too have alerts set up for individual underlying. I think I said that right.
Hello new here and a beginner just starting too learn scripts. My first question is is it possible too have alerts set up for individual underlying. I think I said that right.
Yes... You can limit a scan to an individual symbol by using a custom study filter set to GetSymbol == "<your symbol>"... You will need a separate scan for each symbol and then set an alert for the results... Then you can receive a customized alert for each symbol, even a custom MP3 audible alert... As an example, the following scan returns only SPY options...


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How do i input that correctly in the study.

@Keith Russell It is somewhat more difficult to have Alerts for multiple symbols from either a Chart or from lower indicators... The easiest way would be to setup a Study that displays a label using AddLabel() and incorporates an Alert() and then add the Study once for each symbol on your Chart or in a lower indicator... These Alerts cannot use custom audible sounds, however, due to limitations within the Alert() function... You would need to establish the proper criteria for said Alerts... Give it a go and we're here to help... Good luck...
Ok let try to explain what kind of scanner that i want us too create.
I guess it would be the MomentunSMA-ImpVolatility Kiss.
this is an example of spy. When they kiss you get a little surge in volatility its very consistent. Its a great scalp play too buy a call.

I was wondering if it would be possible too make a scanner that can give you an alert when when they kiss. The thing is the values are different for each underlying. That's why I was asking if you can do individual scanners or maybe scan the underlyingS that have the same values is it doesn't have too be exact it just has too be close and if you can you just create watchlist with the same values.

Then when you get the alert you put your eyes on the chart and decide if you want too make the trade.
This could be an amazing alert its very successful.

Let me know what you all think Thank you.
This is why charts are amazing and traders have been using them for fifty years. It is possible to get so comfortable with charts and price action that you recognize the exact confluence of factors that signals that next pop.

When you want to move away from the chart and translate those factors into filters for scans and alerts, there is a problem. It is not an easy translation. The filters require exact mathematical terms. Thinkscript can accommodate very complex math but filters cannot be set up with terms such as kiss or just be close... Exact values work, percentage of exact values, deviations of values... To create the scan and alerts, first you need to create the math.
@Keith Russell You could try playing with Fractals or Trend Reversals for this because you would be looking for a high IV reversal on the same candle as you are getting a low MomentumSMA reversal in the opposite direction... That should be a starting point...

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