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I lost my indicator, how to get it back?


New member
I input an insanely good indicator a while back, i cant figure out how to go back and find the script in think or swim to find it, can anyone help, it is possible to retrieve?


New member
its a reversal indicator i putt on my chart and i dont want to lose the script cause its been fuckin huge for me. I just dont know how to tape back into TOS and get the script


New member
Yes, i have. And sorry haha ill keep it clean as best i can, this is the best indicator by far iv used in options spreads, i just dont want to lose it and need a back up script


New member
Do you know how to save my chart setting for all my stocks i pic, cause i want to save it and have a fresh chart to work off to see if that works, im already asking TOS support but thats forever


Staff member
Depending on how many indicators you have imported but there is a category within the Studies section that lists all the indicators that aren't provided by ThinkorSwim by default. It's called Users Defined. Under that category, you will find all the indicators you have manually added to your ThinkorSwim. Go through that list, and you shall see what you're looking for.
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