I am mostly a scalp trader on 1 min charts, I need a good "lower" indicator


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My strategy is mostly to trade small breakouts, long or short, on the 1 min chart. Im usually in trades for a few seconds, a few minutes at most. I am struggling to find a lower indicator... and I KNOW there must be something out there to help me raise my % accuracy.

What is the most helpful indicator for you on 1 min charts? Even if its not lower... I'm always looking to improve!


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What you need to find is a leading lower indicator rather than a trailing indicator if you want to use it for quick scalps... A few to experiment with would be RSI, Momentum, On Balance Volume, and Awesome Indicator... One concept I've been kicking around is to code a lower indicator using some of the Ichimoku upper indicator logic... Anything to give an edge for quick scalps...
This is TSLA scalper, can be applied to other stocks


Here is /CL scalp chart


Last one scalp TSLA charts

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Why don't you put your indicators on a Range Chart. Of course you will have to pick the right Range. If you intend to be in a trade for just
a few minutes than for tesla it could be $0.50.
Than add RSI and Stochastic and see how it works. We tend to use sophisticated custom indicators thinking they are better but most traders
use the once that are commonly accessible and this obviously affect the price action.

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