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How's it going? So, I used to trade before I finished school, and now that I'm a programmer, I'm chomping at the bit to start writing my own indicators and strategies. Is there a good book out there anywhere that would make a good syntax reference, or is the TOS learning center the best option? I did some Googling, but it didn't yield very useful results.

Once I get the ball rolling on this, I'd be more than happy to help people with their own strategies and indicators (not everyone is a programmer), so help me help you! LOL

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I haven't jumped in yet, been busy with family and all that, but, I'm curious, and the reason I'm asking it here is that I prefer being social over Googling (if that bothers you, then don't reply!). LOL

Is thinkScript object oriented? Is it based on another language? Can I utilize interfaces and polymorphism? Design patterns? I know a lot of scripts are very short, but I'm a pretty imaginative guy... LOL

In my experience, asking humans leads to interesting conversations, connections, and shared ideas. You don't get that by Googling something.
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