How to plot static data in a custom study


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I'm trying to figure out how to plot a trend line in a lower study that contains static tabular data. For example, if I have collected data on the number of news articles that mentioned a stock each day and I wish to plot it on a lower study, how would I accomplish this? (see the sample table below to understand what I wish to accomplish)

Date | Articles
3/26/2021 | 3
3/25/2021 | 5
3/24/2021 | 2
3/23/2021 | 0
3/22/2021 | 1

I have seen studies in the past doing something similar to this and since the data is not native to ToS then the study obviously will need to be updated daily. I just don't recall how it was done. I'm thinking it might have something to do with declaring each day as a variable but I'm not sure how to get ToS to put them in order (ie: NewsArticle[1], NewsArticle[2], NewsArticle[3], etc.)