How to know which way stock will move after market open?


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Personally I look at the index futures like /ES, /NQ, and pay attention to market internals like volatility futures, bonds, etc
Although it might look like a bullish setup most days, be on the lookout for intraday reversals and economic data/events like NFP, PMI data
There's a lot more than that behind the scenes but I've just touched the tip of the iceberg.

Here's something I posted on market internals a while back for someone else who asked, it may help you


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@dside5 I look for a few things:

1. What was the overnight high/low for the stock I'm looking at?
2. Watch the first 5 minutes and mark the high and low of the candle, including the wicks. Trade at 15 minutes when you see price go above/below.
3. If trading SPY, use $VOLDSP, $ADDSP to help. These are market internals around positive volume and advance/decline.
4. Learn support and resistance on a 1 hour and 4 hour timeframe. This helps understand where price might migrate.


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If you're day trading, direction of short term MA's and whether it opened above or below a support/resistance line will determine which way it might push.

If it opens above the support then sometimes it will pullback to the support and will push higher given MA's are pointing upwards.
If it opens below the resistance then it will pull up to the resistance and will push lower with MA's pointing downwards.

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