How to Get the Range of the Tallest Red Candle of the Day So Far?


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My purpose is simple: to find the range length of the tallest red candle to appear, so far, in today's trading.

I'm having a heckuva time finding how to get that, since most thinkscripts have more complex goals and concepts, and discussions tend to focus around averages or other calculations like ATR.

I don't need to plot the number, nor scan for it. I don't need the average over time. It might be most useful, however, if I can specify some number of 1m candles into the day as a starting point, since the first 10 minutes or so tend to have the largest volitility in range values.

Does anyone know how I might be able to get that number?

Many thanks in advance.

-- Tris
Ok, the code below is a complete mess. If only I could assign a global variable that I could change, it would be so simple. This code is the result of me banging my head on this problem for at least 8 hours. I don't have it to the point where I expect it to make sense. I'm just trying to get the values I want, add them together, and produce a number. Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

I'm clearly missing some fundamental thinkscript concepts. I can put the following in the thinkscript editor and it allows it, but...

def thisCandleRange = high - low;
def prevCandleRange = high[1] - low[1];
def nextCandleRange = high[-1] - low[-1];
def isRed = if open[1] > low[1] then yes else no;
def FormerBiggestRedRange =0;

AddLabel (yes, "isRed: " +  isRed + " ", Color.LIME );
AddLabel (yes, "thisCandleRange: " + thisCandleRange + " ", Color.LIME );
AddLabel (yes, "prevCandleRange: " + prevCandleRange + " ", Color.LIME );
AddLabel (yes, "nextCandleRange: " + nextCandleRange + " ", Color.LIME );
AddLabel (yes, "thisCandleRange[4]: " + thisCandleRange[4] + " ", Color.LIME );

# === Without the below, the above works, so far, just for producing some range
values. With the below, however, even the above AddLabels disappear.
# ==================================================
def TheBiggestRedRange;
if (isRed == yes && TheBiggestRedRange == double.nan ) {
    # This candle is the first red candle in our period, so grab its range.
    TheBiggestRedRange = thisCandleRange;
} else {
    if ( isRed == yes && (thisCandleRange > TheBiggestRedRange[1] ) ) {
        # This red candle's range is larger than the previous red's range
        # so save its range
         TheBiggestRedRange = thisCandleRange;
    } else {
        # Preserve the previous TheBiggestRedRange
        TheBiggestRedRange = TheBiggestRedRange[1];

# if ( (thisCandleRange > FormerBiggestRedRange[1]) ) then FormerBiggestRedRange[1] = thisCandleRange;

AddLabel (yes, "TheBiggestRedRange: " + TheBiggestRedRange + " ", Color.YELLOW );

Perhaps pseudocode will explain what I'm trying to do better than my thinkscript attempts so far:

Context: 1m chart;
Period: Intraday since the opening bell;
Find the range of each red candle's high to low;
Compare it against the ranges of all the other red candles;
Return the range of the longest red candle;

That's it. I'll put the return value in a label.
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See if this is close to what you're after:

declare upper;

def istoday = if GetLastDay() == GetDay() then 1 else 0;

def redRange = if istoday == 1   
    and close < open
    and high - low > redRange[1]
    then high - low
    else redRange[1];

AddLabel(visible = Yes, text=Concat("Largest Red Candle Range: ", redRange));

Mashume, THANK YOU!!! That's so elegant.

Before I saw your answer, I banged my head on finding a solution for another four hours. I never could get it right with explicit code like yours. So I started looking for functions to see if ThinkScript had something built in, and found this "HighestAll()" function which outputs the same answer:

def BiggestRed = HighestAll( if open > close then high - low else double.nan);
AddLabel (yes, "BiggestRed: " + BiggestRed + " ", Color.LIME );

Very handy, but I always prefer explicit code like yours in case I want to do something special. So THANK YOU again!

The one remaining challenge is that I want to exclude the first ten 1m bars after the open, since huge drops frequently happen there -- the scale of which often isn't repeated throughout the rest of the trading day.

I had hopes for using the "Highest(high[1], length)" with "BarNumber()-10" for the length parameter but the Highest() function throws an exception of "only constants expected here" for the length. Haven't found a way around that, yet.
Perhaps like this:
declare upper;

def istoday = if GetLastDay() == GetDay() then 1 else 0;
input ActivateTime  = 0940.0;

def Active = if  SecondsFromTime(ActivateTime) >= 0
                 then 1
                 else 0;

def redRange = if istoday == 1
    and Active == 1
    and close < open
    and high - low > redRange[1]
    then high - low
    else redRange[1];

AddLabel(visible = Yes, text=Concat("Largest Red Candle Range: ", redRange));

AddVerticalLine(Active[1] == 0 and Active == 1, "Start Measuring Candles");

@Pensar I know how to do that under the appearance. What I am asking is there does anyone have a script to change the fill up or fill down for candles. I have a script looking for a specific candle. When this candle appears on my chart it automatically changes the border color and candle fill color. I am looking to keep the border color as it is (green or red) but I am looking for a script or command to add to the script I have that will leave the fill up or fill down color.white.

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