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How to get data for multiple time periods


New member
I am trying to setup a strategy on the 4HR that uses filters obtained from the 15 minute (and possibly other time frames). E.g. I want to skip adding a long position on the 4hr if the RSI on the 15 min or 1hr is > 80 min. Is this possible?


Staff member
It is possible but what you're trying to do is the opposite of what ToS currently supports.

Let me give you an example:

You can view the RSI value of the 4HR chart on any timeframe lower than the 4HR. Say you're on the 10m chart and you want to pull the RSI value of the 4HR chart. Yes, you can do that. However, the opposite can not be done because ThinkorSwim doesn't allow lower timeframe data to be displayed on the higher timeframe. I hope that makes sense. You can take a look at this indicator and experience it for yourself.

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