How to add if else conditions ?


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Hello there,
plot OI_NetChg =(open_interest()/open_interest()[1])*100;
AssignBackgroundColor(if OI_NetChg > 100 then color.GREEN else if OI_NetChg < 100 then color.RED else color.GRAY);

This is my code, and I want to add a condition, If OI_NetChg < 100 then OI_NetChg=100-OI_NetChg, else OI_NetChg=OI_NetChg

But I don't know how to add it ?


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@Sheetu21 Here is my interpretation of what you are looking for. Check if it is what you are trying to achieve, and compare it to the code you provided for an idea of how I did it. I have included notes in the code, feel free to delete them when you copy and paste.

# First, I changed the plot "OI_NetChg" into a variable named "OI_Chg".

def OI_Chg = (open_interest() / open_interest()[1]) * 100;

# Then, I took the if-then-else conditions and put them in a plot with then original "OI_NetChg" name, and
# substituted the variable "OI_Chg" for the "OI_NetChg" in the if-then-else statement.

plot OI_NetChg = if OI_Chg < 100 then 100 - OI_Chg else OI_Chg == OI_Chg;
AssignBackgroundColor(if OI_NetChg > 100 then Color.GREEN else if OI_NetChg < 100 then Color.RED else Color.GRAY);

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