How do you add commas to numbers in Active Trader?


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I trade penny and sub penny stocks where sometimes millions, if not tens of millions of shares will show up on the bid/ask. For some strange reason, Active Trader does not have commas in the numbers in the "bid size" and "ask size" columns which can make these numbers more difficult to read and slows me down sometimes. So for instance, it will show 10000000 instead of 10,000,000 and I have to take a few seconds to count the numbers. Is there a way to edit one of the program files so that numbers in these columns have commas?
No, we have no way to modify the TOS platform itself, we can only manipulate the trade data that we have access to through Studies... If it's that big of a number, does it really matter how big it is in the grand scheme of things...??? I'd be suspect of such large numbers for penny stocks...

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Thank you for the information! It's actually pretty normal to see even hundreds of millions on the bid/ask for sub penny stocks. Though I'm not sure why TOS had to make it that way, I'll just have to get used to it.
@iamlucky Yes, I am aware of those... Just be careful... Last year I was trading a specific penny stock regularly and made good money doing so... The company was having problems but company news indicated that they were solvent and not in jeopardy of bankruptcy as had been rumored... I got into a trade, purchasing 400 shares, and was watching carefully on a daily basis... I was making a profit and one morning considered closing my position before heading out to do onsite work for a customer... When I returned home and checked my positions the symbol was no longer in my Current Positions Watchlist... Unfortunately, the courts stepped in and determined the company insolvent and halted trading of that company immediately... I lost my entire investment, going from a nice profit to a total loss in a few hours... And while it was a disappointment, luckily I had made more in profits over time than I lost on those 400 shares... But any total loss like that hurts ones pride...

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