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Help with AddVerticalLine in ZigZagPercent


New member
I like using the zigzagpercent (for example 5% threshold) indicator but I noticed that often it will start to show the 5% correction, then it might go back up a few days and then suddenly drop and go down to 7-8-or 9% before correcting.

My idea was to set a line of code at the end that adds a vertical line the moment it hits the target (but only at that bar). This way if over several bars it drop 8,9,10 or 12% I can see exact the bar it ACTUALLY hit the threshold I set.


The ZigZag indicator will repaint. As a result, the vertical line will also be adjusted to whichever point it goes to. I hope that makes sense.


New member
are you saying it might be easier to make a new indicator that shows the points of threshold rather than adding the addverticleline to the current zigzag indicator?

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