Help with a "def" statement


Hello all. Been staring at this for a while. Can't figure out the problem. The "def CalcDif" statement is red, and the first addlabel red, but second is strangely OK.

#declare upper;  I'm trying to have a "BUY" signal when the stoch and MA Difference is rising. Vice versa for the "SELL"  I've coded a few labels for my daughter to learn how to trade, but this one has me stuck. Thanks in advance

input Stoch_Overbought = 80;
input Stoch_Oversold = 20;
input k_period = 12;
input d_period = 3;
input slowing_period = 3;
input average_type = AverageType.SIMPLE;
input slow_EMA = 3;
input fast_EMA = 9;

def Stoch = reference StochasticFull(Stoch_Overbought, Stoch_Oversold, k_period, d_period, high, low, close, slowing_period, average_type);
def MAshort = ExpAverage(close, slow_EMA);
def MAlong = ExpAverage(close, fast_EMA);
def CalcDif = MAshort - MAlong

AddLabel(yes, if Stoch > Stoch[1] and CalcDif > CalcDif[1] then "                    BUY                    " else "", Color.GREEN);

AddLabel(yes, if Stoch < Stoch[1] and CalcDif < CalcDif[1] then "                    SELL                    " else "", Color.RED);


Hi @FOTM_8888 thanks for the compliment, but there are some really great coder/traders here with much better skills and systems/scripts. If I see a question that someone asks that I have input to, I will try to post my simple scripts, but the "Active" and "Well Known" Members have much more important input here. Good luck...

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