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Help Us Help You

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As our community continues to grow, I want to provide the best experience for everyone, especially the more experienced members who are always open to helping other members with their questions.

That being said, to the members who are new to trading and/or ThinkorSwim, I have one request for you: please provide us with the relevant information about YOU!

No, I don't want your address or bank account, we just want to get a general idea of your trading style and knowledge.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Click on your username on the top right-hand corner and click on Signature


Step 2: Write a quick intro about yourself. Some suggestions:

New to investing: number of months or years
New to ThinkorSwim: yes or no
Timeframe / Style of Interest: Scalp / Day Trade / Swing Trade / Long Term Investor / Get RICH Tomorrow
Familiar with: Options, Stocks, Futures, Forex
Ever written a thinkScript? yes or no

Those are some questions to keep in mind when writing an intro about yourself.

Step 3: Click Save


From now on every time you ask a question, we'll be able to look at your intro and help you based on the information you provided.


One more thing: links and images are NOT ALLOWED in your signature.
Not open for further replies.

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