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I'm trying to find something to plot the low/high of new candles in the opposite trend on Heikin Ashi style charts. So if candle turns from red to green (or vice-versa), the indicator can plot the high and low of that new candle....just on the first candle of a new direction. I'm not finding anything on TOS and wondered if perhaps it's already created on this group? I tried searching for it, but no luck finding it.


@RickAns , yes, I did see the code by Dublin Capital...very cool! I plotted it on /NQM20, 30D 30M chart & 15 minute chart, hoping to get that view, but nothing shows up! Have you tried using it yourself? Here's a screen share so u can ck my settings: https://tos.mx/SxQi1bc
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Glad to be of help @madeinnyc . If you had it under Studies instead of Strategies , no worries - it is a mistake I have made before as well :giggle: . The wise one BenTen told me an easy way to tell is that if it has AddOrder in it then it goes in the Strategy tab (y). Since then I do a quick glance through any new script I test to see if it contains AddOrder.

When you get the new code done for what you are planning to do will you consider sharing it please? It sounds interesting and I would like to give it a try.


This one shows you where the price closed on Heikin Ashi and the color indicates if the price closes above (green), below(red) or inside (gray)

# sdi_closeLevel
plot cl = close;
#hint: plot the close level as a horizontal line with the color determined by its relationship to the heiken-ashi body.
cl.defineColor("above h-a body", color.GREEN);
cl.defineColor("inside h-a body", color.dark_gray);
# author: allen everhart
# date: 7jun2015
cl.defineColor("below h-a body", color.RED);
# copylefts reserved. This is free software. That means you are free
# to use or modify it for your own usage but not for resale.
# Help me get the word out about my blog by keeping this header
# in place.
    if close>ohlc4 && heikinAshiDiff()>0 then cl.color("above h-a body")
    else if close<ohlc4 && heikinAshiDiff()<0 then cl.color("below h-a body")
# copylefts reserved. This is free software. That means you are free
# to use or modify it for your own usage but not for resale.
    else if heikinAshiDiff()<0 and close>ohlc4-heikinAshiDiff() then  cl.color("above h-a body")
    else if heikinAshiDiff()>0 and close<ohlc4-heikinAshiDiff() then cl.color("below h-a body")
    else cl.color("inside h-a body"));

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