Heatmap-like as a an option to plot on chart?


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I am new to using thinkorswim to plot information about trading, and so far thinkscript seems promising for my purposes.

I have been interested in taking a measure for which I would like to evaluate multiple values all at once and display the array of results, which are all numbers between 0 and 1, as a stack of colored squares as wide as every time tick. The aggregate should be a sort of "heatmap" where one scale is time along with the chart, and the other is a series of rows along which I will sweep another parameter.

I've been looking through the available plotting resources but I seem to find either line charts, or plotting arrows or other things along a chart. I expected a heatmap, or contour plots, or maybe 3D data representations in the "Advanced" tab but it's only goes to far as to concatenate strings. Ooh. Advanced. So very.

A few twists I know are ahead for me: the ordinate (y-dimension) is calculated once for a series of time scales, back a minute, back a few minutes, back an hour, back a day, etc. I think I have a lead on how to handle calculations on multi-time-frame functions, but there's a chance that someone has worked through both essential issues in one go.

EDIT: Solved. Thermo mode is a whole method for handling input and I don't have to code up anything new.
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That looks like where I started, but I'm disappointed by the lack of references to other display items. It took me a while but I found a few things.

This is what made me jump into thinkscript in the first place. Not the video and the rambling feller but the heatmap

I thought about being devilish with Add Cloud, but this isn't what I'm trying to plot. Something to try later, perhaps. Then I posted here...

However, this is actually what I wanted, and it came to me just after your post. It was not in an obvious area in the rubbish documentation snarl over there, but whatever. I can give it inputs and so my thinkscript's "scale" should be able to be adjusted by this dialog box. Thanks for the very quick response, though.

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