Getting Alerts On Pre-Mature Signals


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I recently noticed that I receive study alert triggers for (non-repainting indicator) signals that have formed prematurely before the close of the candle. This happens when the signal appears during the formation of the candle because the conditions are met but the signal can disappear by the close of the candle if the conditions for the signal do not hold true. This inherently makes the study alert false. Again, this happens for non-repainting indicators.

Is there a way to only be notified of the study alert when the the signal is confirmed at the close of the candle and not early during pre-formation?


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@arm1 Yes, it is possible for a condition to be signaled during the formation of a candle but for that condition to not exist at the candle close. I am not aware of a method to avoid this in TOS. Perhaps someone else will chime in. A workaround would be to be alerted on the prior candle.