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General question about strategies


New member
I have a strategy that plots up/down arrows on the chart. I see these on every chart I pull up, and am wondering how the arrows get plotted post-current timeframe? Does a strategy get applied to the entire timeframe of a chart? The reason I'm asking is the strategy alerts with a "ding" when something is encountered. Does the "ding" happen only going forward? For every instance (even that happen in the past)? For every stock? For just the stock I'm currently viewing the chart of? For just those stocks in my watchlist? Thanks


Well-known member
You will only get "Dings" for the current chart painting point, or candlestick/bar, forward, and only for any charts currently running that Study/Strategy... If running in a watchlist then you will get the same notifications for any symbol in the watchlist meeting the criteria...

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