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I have experience this, the second time that my saved work space (template) is gone for no reason from which I trade . what i mean by that is the saved work space name is there but it does not load all the indicator with changed values it suppose to. It took me quite some time to set this up according my trading style, more importantly the values because i kept on tweaking it for the best results possible for that particular indicator and there are couple .... i can not even remember the numbers.

So my question is, how could I save ( exporting from TOS to USB) all my scripts and my workspace just to have peace of mind i will never loose my work ... or if something happens i can re load it from my back up without spending lot of time to re configuring it
Is it possible ? or any idea to work around ?

Any suggestion or solution is appreciated.... thank you
Workspaces are the only thing that TOS saves to your computer, you must be inadvertantly erasing it. Everything else is on TDAmeritrade's computers. I create a shared link for my workspaces. Like you said, I work waaaaayyyy too hard getting everything set up perfectly to take a chance on losing it.

You can also save your studies w/ your preferred settings. Put all your settings in your chart and then click on 'save as default'. Another thing that I do is put notes inside the study as comments with what settings I use w/ what aggregations and/or strategies.

Lastly, I create shared links for my watch lists because there is no other way to save them.
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@Topas, Like @MerryDay, I work far to hard on my setups to lose them which is my I save in multiple ways... I don't change around with the Workspace very often myself...

I make sure I have default copies of my Studies and Strategies saved... I save Sets of my charts Studies, Strategies, and lower indicators using the Set tab in the Edit Studies and Strategies panel... I Share my Grids, Flexible Grids, and Scanners... I copy my Study, Strategy, and Scan code to external files on my hard drive via Text/Code editor or as Screenshots... And I might do even more...

Why do I do all of this...??? Several times in the not too distant past I've accidentally closed a TOS window that I had been working on without saving and lost many days worth of fine-tuning which had to be recreated... Touchy laptop Glidepads have a habit of doing that and I wish TOS would implement a closing confirmation prompt for every window opened... I've had TOS windows become corrupt (it even happened earlier today) and have had to close the window and recreate using either a saved Set, Grid, or Flexible Grid... I'm hard on TOS and push it to its limits and it sometimes pushes back... Because I usually have up to eight TOS windows open on three different systems, all having different combinations of resources, it's impossible to remember exactly how everything is configured... I let each system take care of the Workspace and I just make sure I have all of the various window layouts saved.
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