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Thanksgiving is coming up, and what better way to appreciate everyone than giving them access to our Warehouse? I think Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to run this promotion. It is my way of showing appreciation to each and every one of you. Thank you for being part of our small ThinkorSwim community.

This Sunday, I’ll be adding people who are interested in joining our Warehouse for FREE! The promotion will starts on Monday (November 24th, 2019) and ends on Sunday (December 1st, 2019). You can reserve a spot NOW by signing up here: [offer is no longer available]

Amazon Giveaways

In addition to free access to the Warehouse, there will be a few Amazon gift cards available for you to grab.

All you have to do is share your feedback/opinion/rant down below. Tell us how we can improve useThinkScript to better serve you.


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My knowledge and trading have improved immensely since joining this site. I have even learned to do some code things myself, (add alerts, turn items on and off, etc.) My confidence has become based on actually being able to back test different studies and strategies, instead of youtube videos showing me what they want me to see.
It is great to see all these contributions. That is very generous of you. Is it possible to have brief notes on these indicators on what they do and how to use them properly? That will be of tremendous help. Thank you for all you do.
Thank you so much for providing such a great site. This is the absolute best place to get information about thinkscripts. My suggestion would be to allow users to score each script. Perhaps 1 to 10. Then allow people visiting the site to sort by highest ranking and most ranked. In other words users need to be able see which have the most people ranking them. That would be the coolest addition to this already awesome website in my humble opinion. :)
Wow - This is an absolutely Awesome site! I feel like the script contributors are on steroids, extremely useful in helping me to learn, applying indicators, and just using TOS more efficiently! Thank you so much for sharing and all you do.
I have just started with script and technical analysis. Stumbled on to this site but truely loving the amount of indicators made available for good everyone. Thank you so much.
this a great site thank you for providing a unique service. maybe a catalog in a spreadsheet grouping indicators? so if youre new and youre searching you dont have to go through each thread to see what youre looking for. (maybe indicators grouped by momentum, countertrend or trading style. awesome site
This is a great site for starting with think script and technical analysis. There are tons of indicators on the site. I would love to see more indicator related to price action. Thank you guys so much
So far I have found so much stuff on here. Dont know if this would be beneficial or not, but maybe having a forum for verified trades using a indicator that is available on here. Kinda of a way to show how a trade worked out using the indicator.
This has been a fantastic and awesome site for me. I did not know indicators could even be customized! I was wandering and wondering around the web on how to improve my trading beyond my limited knowledge, and BOOM! here I am.
However, I learnt that indicators just...indicate. There are much more things to learn and research, not just rely on indicators alone. This is extremely important advice for those starting out! Cheers!
This Thanksgiving let me thank Ben and this community for this wonderful sharing of vast knowledge. I am a new trader who is trying to gain more knowledge. What I would like is suggestions from the learned here on a few Swing Trading Strategies. I am not into day trading. Hopefully I can find some answers! Wish this group the very best of success!
I've been trading for over 10 years now and this is the best site ever. Thanks to all you wonderful traders / script writers contributing to this community. Special thanks to Ben. Happy Holidays to all.
You guys offer so many new ideas versus the standard TOS studies. I appreciate all the of the contributions from so many traders around the country.
I am new to ToS and this is the first site that has really helped with finding useful indicators. Thanks for the great work.
Great site specifically tailored to think scripts, many well-informed traders! Shoutout to Horserider, blakecmathis, markos and many more for their helpful posts! Love the clean layout of the site and the fact that many of the experienced people here go out of their way to help us noobs. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
I just joined the site. However, I have been trading for years and I do know coding. So it has helped me learn more about the two together in the scripts. Only recommendations would be an area to include what the scripts work best on maybe. Example: Futures, Options, Long term, Swing. It would be nice to identify this in the post.
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