Correlation/Relative value indicator expressed in PnL


There are two default indicators in ThinkorSwim that may be able to help you out. One is called Correlation and the other one is called Comparison.


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Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately those do not show what is intended by the edge indicator so I would not be able to take advantage of the info they display. I am looking around trying to see if someone can code it, but programmers need more info to see what they are based on, some of the criteria is not known, like all the factors that are taken into account for its coding, which makes it difficult to explain...Well, I hope to get to the bottom of it in one way or another...


There's no edge in that indicator.
quite the contrary. futures spread trading on correlations (otherwise known as relative value trading) are one of the smartest ways to trade futures with very low risk. i expect that the indicator quoted by @Val above assists in identifying broken correlations in otherwise highly correlated instruments.

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