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Every now and then as I scroll back on the charts I end up with a flat line with no candles showing. When I right click on the the red and blue vertical line to correct the bars all is normal again. The charts are ok when I scroll forward to the present Has anyone experience this, is there a cure so that it does not happen again.

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I am having this problem on all forex pairs where Cad is the second pair. But, not on any other pairs. TOS support showed me how to "Remove This Bar" By right clicking it and then selecting "correct this bar and then clicking "remove" in the popup. It has to be done on all time frames starting with the lowest time frame that has an incorrect bar. I did this and initially it solved my problem. Now, however, the problem has reoccurred. And, I can't remove the bar. Trying to do that shoots my CPU and Memory to the max and my computer just freezes. There doesn't really seem to be a solution.
I do not experience this on a constant basis ,it is an inconvenience when it happens, you shouldn't have to do all time frames, once I correct the bars on that particular time frame I can then move to any TF I wish with no issues. The problem is with TOS, I was told from support that it has to do with the data feed they receive. Never had that problem with computer freezing up because of this .
They also told me it was their data and some unnamed regulators forbade them from correcting the problem. Sounded like nonsense. I am unable to resolve it on the markets that are a problem for me. Support has not been able to help either. It was their idea to delete the bars on every time frame Thanks for your reply.

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