Convert option symbol to underlying symbol ?


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Is it possible, using thinkscript to take an option position, and parse the underlying equity symbol from it... ?

I am primarily an options trader.

I would like to find a way to change the background color of a chart based on the position P/L being either positive or negative, but... I'm not watching the chart of the option, rather, I am watching the chart of the underlying.

So, as an example; I might have a June Expiry of AAPL (ie: .AAPL240621C180) on but I'm watching the AAPL chart on the 3m1d.

I want to change the background color of that chart to a light-red (hex color defined) if the equity position is at a loss of Loss%, but leave the default background color if the position has SomeProfit% profit, and change the background to a light-green (hex color defined) if the position is over SomeOtherProfit% profitable.

So, example;
Loss%: 50% (so if the loss is greater than 50% turn the background red)
(from -49.9$ to 49.9% the background is default color)
Profit%-A: 50% (if the profit exceed 50% but is less than 200%, set background to dark green)
Profit%-B: 200% (if the profit exceed 200%, set background to light green)

Maybe the script has to say... for the chart (use it's symbol), and see if there are any positions (options with this symbol and/or commons) and if so, figure out if the position is + or -... and based on a 'threshold/ percentage of profit or loss, and decide what color to paint the background .

Is this possible? Or is it a pipe-dream?

I suppose.. we then run into a problem, if there are multiple positions for the same symbol... like AAPL May 100's, June 110's, and AAPL common's. (unless you just add all positions together as a composite; or all options and all commons). But.. whatever.

I'm reviewing 'Conditional Backgrounds'

This Mobius Script draws a line of the Average Position Price for the symbol.

It seems there's a limited number of 'portfolio functions' ; though;

Options Profit/Loss Label on chart;

Working with Options:

I haven't worked out the BIG QUESTION... of dealing with Options positions... but... using ChatGTP I did manage to get 'most' of the code to work.. (still working on it... but... and it works great for STOCK positions and not at all for OPTIONS positions).

# Version 6.5
# ColorizeProfitLossBackground
# User-definable thresholds for BigLoss, LittleLoss, LittleProfit, BigProfit
# and user-definable background colors depending on the PnL of the position according to threshold
# User-definable to show labels or not
# still working on allowing label background color to be user selectable. 

declare lower;

# User input for label visibility
input showLabels = yes;

# User input for label text background colors
input profitLabelBackgroundColor = {"MAGENTA", "CYAN", "PINK", "LIGHT_GRAY", "ORANGE", "RED", "GREEN", default "WHITE", "GREY"};
input lossLabelBackgroundColor = {"MAGENTA", "CYAN", "PINK", "LIGHT_GRAY", "ORANGE", "RED", "GREEN", default "YELLOW", "GREY"};

#DefineGlobalColor("LossLabelColor", lossLabelBackgroundColor);
#DefineGlobalColor("ProfitLabelColor", profitLabelBackgroundColor);

# User input for percentage thresholds
input Profit_threshold_a = 50;  # Threshold for bright green; profitcolor1; very profitable
input Profit_threshold_b = 5;  # Threshold for dark green; profitColor2; profit
input Loss_threshold_c = -5; # Threshold for dark red; losscolor1; loss
input Loss_threshold_d = -25; # Threshold for bright red; losscolor2; very loss

# User input for colors based on percentage thresholds
input brightGreenColorR = 40;
input brightGreenColorG = 99;
input brightGreenColorB = 11;
DefineGlobalColor("profitColor1", CreateColor(brightGreenColorR, brightGreenColorG, brightGreenColorB));
# very profitable

input darkGreenColorR = 23;
input darkGreenColorG = 43;
input darkGreenColorB = 13;
DefineGlobalColor("profitColor2", CreateColor(darkGreenColorR, darkGreenColorG, darkGreenColorB));
# kind of a profit

input blackColorR = 13;
input blackColorG = 0;
input blackColorB = 77;
DefineGlobalColor("blackColor", CreateColor(blackColorR, blackColorG, blackColorB));
# within profit-loss threshold

input darkRedColorR = 74;
input darkRedColorG = 14;
input darkRedColorB = 18;
DefineGlobalColor("lossColor1", CreateColor(darkRedColorR, darkRedColorG, darkRedColorB));
# kind of a loss

input brightRedColorR = 153;
input brightRedColorG = 3;
input brightRedColorB = 13;
DefineGlobalColor("lossColor2", CreateColor(brightRedColorR, brightRedColorG, brightRedColorB));
# very much a loss

# Get average price and quantity from current position
def avgPrice = GetAveragePrice();
def quantity = if !IsNaN(avgPrice) then Round(GetQuantity(),0) else 0;

# Calculate position value
def currentPrice = close;
def positionValue = quantity * currentPrice;

# Calculate P/L
def costBasis = if !IsNaN(avgPrice) then avgPrice else 0;
def pnl = positionValue - (quantity * costBasis);

def positionstate = if pnl < 0 then -1 else if pnl > 1 then 1 else 0;

# Round the calculated profit or loss to 2 decimal points
def roundedPnl = Round(pnl, 0);

# Calculate percentage P/L
def percentPnl = if positionValue != 0 then Round(pnl / positionValue * 100,0)  else 0;

# Define conditions for background color
def bColor = 
    if percentPnl >= Profit_threshold_a                                    then 5 # very profitable
    else if percentPnl <  Profit_threshold_a and percentPnl >= Profit_threshold_b  then  4 # kind of a profit
    else if percentPnl <  Profit_threshold_b and percentPnl >  Loss_threshold_c  then    3 # within profit-loss threshold
    else if percentPnl <= Loss_threshold_c and percentPnl   >= Loss_threshold_d then     2 # kind of a loss
    else if percentPnl <  Loss_threshold_d then                                          1   # very much a loss
    else 0;

# Plot profit or loss, quantity, and percentage P/L as label

    if pnl < 0 then 
        "Loss: $" + AsPrice(-roundedPnl) + " (" + AsPercent(percentPnl / 100) + ")" + " / Qty: " + AsText(quantity) 
    else if pnl > 0 then
        "Profit: $" + AsPrice(roundedPnl) + " (" + AsPercent(percentPnl / 100) + ")" + " / Qty: " + AsText(ROUND(quantity,0)) 
            if bColor == 1 or bColor == 2 then Color.YELLOW else Color.WHITE);
          # if pnl < 0 then lossLabelBackgroundColor else profitLabelBackgroundColor);

# Define the background color based on thresholds
         if bColor == 5 then CreateColor( brightGreenColorR, brightGreenColorG, brightGreenColorB) else if 
            bColor == 4 then CreateColor( darkGreenColorR, darkGreenColorG, darkGreenColorB) else if 
            bcolor == 2 then CreateColor( darkRedColorR, darkRedColorG, darkRedColorB ) else if 
            bcolor == 1 then CreateColor( brightRedColorR, brightRedColorG, brightRedColorB) else if
            bcolor == 3 AND quantity > 0 then CreateColor( blackColorR, blackColorG, blackColorB) else color.BLACK) ;

2024-03-24_9-43-36 50.jpg
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