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Hi All,

I recently came upon this forum and have found it immensely helpful to find new indicators to use. I found scan criteria I would like to use, but it's for a paid scanner that I don't have access to. I was hoping to build something comparable to this for ToS, but I've been having a hard time implementing the criteria using the customer scanner. I don't know anything about writing code and I was wondering if anyone here would be able to build a scan like this in Thinkscript. Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to build it!!

Price vs 52 wk-high is between 75-100%
Avg 3-month vol >500000
Last Close >.5
Price is at least 150% over 200D SMA
Price is at least 90% over 50D SMA
Price is at least 250% over 52-wk low
1-year return vs S&P 500 >40
1-year return vs sector >60
6-month return >50

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