Climatic Volume Indicator for ThinkorSwim


Found this one to be quite interesting, so I converted it over to ThinkorSwim. I also added paintbars (turned off by default) to highlight climatic volume bars.

  • Climate volume detection
  • Relative volume value in bar
  • Automatic zone generation (possibility of configuration)

thinkScript Code

# Climatic Volume X
# Converted by BenTen at
# Original

# Cloud Zone Code adopted from Larthomp's 'Big Bar Breakout' indicator
input limit_cloud_length = yes;
input cloud_length = 10;
input paintbar = no;
input Length = 10;
def AverageVolume = simpleMovingAvg(volume, Length);
def RelativeVolume = volume / AverageVolume;
input HighVolume = 2;

def a = RelativeVolume > HighVolume;

def climatice_vol = if a then 1 else 0;
def vol_high = if climatice_vol then high else vol_high[1];
def vol_low = if climatice_vol then low  else vol_low[1];
def vol_length = if climatice_vol then 1 else vol_length[1] + 1;
plot vol_hh = if limit_cloud_length == no or limit_cloud_length == yes and vol_length <= cloud_length then vol_high
else Double.NaN;
plot vol_ll = if limit_cloud_length == no or limit_cloud_length == yes and vol_length <= cloud_length then vol_low
else Double.NaN;

assignPriceColor(if paintbar and a then else color.current);


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Looks interesting but not really sure how to interpret the climate bars & zone areas. Some examples of how to use this study would be much welcome.

Thanks @BenTen for the study.


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Hi - on a 1 hour or daily chart, it seems to plot zero at the beginning of the chart, which throws off the chart a bit ....


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Seems to have potential to look at stochastic extremes in conjunction with volume climaxes


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Thrust bars is another study doing the same idea. But allows the setting of the % increase in volume to plot the bars.
@zeek Believe the idea is to wait for the price to break above or below the plotted boundary lines.


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@BenTen Hi Ben. I was hoping to ask for a favor if at all possible.

I really like this indicator and have been testing it out for the past two or three weeks. I especially like that it draws support and resistance zones(basically) when climatic volume is detected.

My question is , can you modify this to draw support/resistance with specified volume instead of climatic volume ? Anywhere from one to one million to one hundred million shares specified. Is that possible ? Am I making sense ?

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