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Chart without black background


New member
Hello - Newbie here and great community from what I've been reading through.

Question - does anyone have a chart setup to share that does not have the black background (like an offwhite/grey) something easier on my eyes ? The black does make the colors stand out, but its not easy on my eyes and causing strain.

I tried setting up colors but am spending way too much time tweaking and starting over.

Maybe theres another solution on light placement? any suggestions ideas appreciated.


New member
You can easily change the background color via your chart's setting. It's under Appearance.

Yes I saw that, but having problems getting it set. Very time consuming for me. I thought maybe someone might have wrote a script that had a 'preset' I'll keep tinkering with it. Something weird happening with my thinkorswim. There were many color options the last time I had the application opened, now Im not seeing as many color options to select.
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