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Example of birds eye view chart formation ( see white arrow above ).


Peace guys & girls ! Im looking for a watch list column which displays the formation of a given stock for the day . My goal is to go through my watch list at the end of day looking for specific chart patters by image .

Regards !
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Perhaps you are "aware of that", but the person making the initial request may not be and you did not cover that in your reply.
In all honesty, I didn't notice that you weren't the OP... :confused:

And, as long as I'm being honest, I find the mobile apps to be worthless for my needs... 😖 I'm a "real computer", read PC, kinda guy considering how I've been an IT Tech and have written PC based software for 35+ years... Noone will ever convince me that a phone or tablet can compare... But I digress...
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